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Our wide range of new generation peels offer benefits and results for all skin types;  even the most sensitive. These peels effectively treat all skin concerns but are also great options for maintaining skin health and helping prevent visible damage.


When clients hear the word peel they often expect to see visible exfoliation post-treatment. New generation peels differ from peels of the past because they deliver excellent results, even without visible peeling. Advancements in peels mean exfoliation is now often at a cellular level and not visible to the naked eye while creating a tighter, firmer complexion and appearance.


In today's busy society this progressive, rather than aggressive, approach is advantageous, as clients will experience minimal downtime.


Treatments are relatively comfortable and take approximately 45-60 minutes.

During a consultation Jane can advise on the type of peel your skin will benefit from.




Improve skin tone and texture

Improve congested skin and acne

Improve open pores

Improve pigmentation and sun damaged skin


Peel Costs: $85 - $160